Choose from our standard School Title bars with no minimum order size and delivery in just 5-10 working days, or design something unique to your requirements.  Whether you’re looking for lapel badges, name badges, medals, badges with hangers, cufflinks, tiebars, keyrings, or small signs we have solutions available for you.

Our friendly and experienced team will help you decide on the best production methods to suit your application or budget and if you’re not quite sure how you want the badge to look, we’re happy to help you design it.

School Title Bars

Our standard 38x9mm Gold or Nickel (Silver colour) School Title bars can be produced in just 5-10 working days, with any title or colour, and no minimum quantity limits. 

Made in NZ rather than imported, they are high quality with a very hard wearing finish and don’t require pre-made dies for each title, you simply tell us the text and colour, and we make them. This allows us to provide much greater flexibility, speed and cost savings, even on small quantities.

Please contact us if you have any questions and for pricing.

Custom Made School Badges and products:

Please click on the links below for more detail on custom made badges or products, or give us a call to discuss your specific requirements.

Name badges

Lapel badges


Cufflinks/Tie Bars